The real estate market in Reunion Island

The real estate market in Reunion Island

  • 01/08/2022

With an area of 2,512 km2, Reunion Island is an island located in the Indian Ocean, at the east of Africa. It is a French overseas department and region. The island has a humid tropical climate tempered by the oceanic influence of the winds. It is also characterized by its numerous microclimates caused by its imposing relief.


The island is divided into 4 distinct areas: 

  • The north of the island is where you will find the head city Saint-Denis, which is one of the most dynamic cities in Reunion Island. 
  • The east is most known for its humid climate, so there you will find a lot of ponds, waterfalls, and green forests.
  • The south is called “le Sud sauvage” or wild south if you prefer, this is where you can see one of the most active volcanoes in the world, le Piton de la Fournaise. This volcano is in eruption several times a year, and it is always a true spectacle.
  • Finally, in the west is where you can enjoy a sweet afternoon at the beach and see the most beautiful sunsets. 


Since Reunion Island is a relatively small island, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air of the mountain and sunbathe at the beach in the same day, admire the coral reef and the marine biodiversity, enjoy the tropical flora, and be amazed by the endemic species of the island.


Regarding the real estate market, according to the latest INSEE census, Reunion Island has 376,048 housing units of which 8.7% are vacant. In the second half of 2021 the market evolved favorably, and demand was extremely dynamic. The average net selling price was 289,415€ for a house, 120,537€ for an apartment and 162,685€ for a piece of land. Finally, the average monthly rent per m2 was 13,19€.

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